This transformation is based on the combined Saudi Arabia Phone Number List adoption and integration of advanced digital technologies, such as fifth generation mobile networks (5G), the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data flow analysis. , knowledge in the Saudi Arabia Phone Number List configurations determined by macro and micro data and robotics. The connected economy is characterized by the deployment of digital infrastructure (broadband networks, traffic exchange points, data centers, among other things) and the mass use of the Internet through various types of devices (desktop or laptop computers, tablets and smartphones), to which sensors of all kinds are now added that mark the passage Saudi Arabia Phone Number List from the connection of people to that of machines.

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Digital development has the potential to increase the Saudi Arabia Phone Number List well-being of people, the productivity of companies, the efficiency and effectiveness of States and environmental sustainability, as a result of the synergy of its three dimensions: the connected Saudi Arabia Phone Number List economy, the digital economy and the digitized economy. The digital economy is that part of economic production derived mainly from business models based on digital technologies for the supply of goods and services. These models of digital platforms change the value proposition in Saudi Arabia Phone Number List various economic sectors and facilitate the generation and collection of data.


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As it is data processed and analyzed with Saudi Arabia Phone Number List artificial intelligence, it is possible to improve decision processes and create value by optimizing operational processes, segmenting markets, and personalizing and transforming products and services. The digitized economy occurs when, through the adoption of advanced technologies, the agents of traditional industries change their Saudi Arabia Phone Number List business and production models beyond their mere optimization, to the reconfiguration of their value chains and the transformation of their products and services , with disruptive effects on the industrial organization. The impact of digitization is not automatic or homogeneous between Saudi Arabia Phone Number List different countries, companies or people.

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