With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network, so your advertising has a global impact. And that caused a problem. Tn the US presidential election. Political propaganda, which led the company. along with Twitter , to testify. For the infiltration of foreign propaganda during. The election period. What began as a political problem of political propaganda, forced Facebook to take action to make its political ads transparent, and the problem was that these ads were paid for through dark posts , invisible publications, which allowed targeting niche voters. exclusive, however. The social network lacked control over them and their management was not transparent.


For this reason, Facebook announced the closure of this

Advertising format , the dark post, whose action will make advertising transparent on its platform, that is, who pays for an ad, for what reasons and for how long. Although with invisible posts, brands were not traceable or there were no records of their activity in ads, the Cameroon WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists truth is that companies could experiment with specific consumer niches without being held accountable. Likewise, during their experimentation phase of social media campaigns, the brands had the advantage that their competition, other brands, could not know what the other companies were planning in ads for Facebook, and even less if the ads were successful or not, that is .


In other words, now the firms will be able to know everything

About their competition, a transparency that they have demanded for a long time. Another factor that helped eliminate dark posts.  Knowing who was paying for or issuing. It which gave companies and governments. Such as Russia ample room to publish rumors. Or carry out experiments without being. Transparent or be accountable to anyone .

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