Technology has changed the way people behave. From personal relationships to economics. In fact commercially the technological implement has. Presented a different movement for the business. Models of current companies where most of them have. Focused on the digital field to carry out. Their business in this way, it is important to. Analyze the actions that determine the way users. Interact with companies and how they make. Purchases its growth is significant remarkable and. Definitely shows no signs of slowing down in fact many. People walk without cash and there are. Certain countries in the world where the number. Of cashlees (cashless) users has increased. Creating strategies for this type of consumer could be. More important especially to anticipate changes. And perspectives of current interaction. In this regard the businesses that are located. In cities with the highest number. Of “cashless” people are at risk of. Disappearing if they do not adapt.

The Same Research Shows How Vital It Is to Offer Shoppers

the ability to pay by card, with at least 68 per cent of them paying for purchases without cash. Forex Bonuses has revealed the countries where there are the largest number of people without cash, where they stand out, above all, nations with the Brazil Business Fax List highest rate of debit and credit cards as payment methods, of mobile payments. Top Cashless Countries, What You Can Learn. Canada is the number one country where there are cashless users. To a large extent, it was fueled by the fact that Canadians have an average of two credit cards each.

Sweden Follows Canada. It Is the Main Country of Users Who Do

Brazil Business Fax List

not have cash in Europe, with 59 percent of people paying by card. Consumers want to pay in the way that is most convenient for them, so with easy debit and credit cards, the growing popularity of e-wallets is more efficient. United Kingdom, where around 42 percent of users use an app to pay; France, where 39 percent of people use credit cards, and the United States, where one in three have a credit payment method, rank next. People use cashless payment methods because of the ease of using the method, as well.

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