Regarding tax evasion, the report Tonga Email List advocates the creation of an international financial registry under the aegis of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or the UN, which “would allow tax and regulatory authorities to verify whether taxpayers they Tonga Email List correctly report their assets and capital income, regardless of what offshore financial institutions want to disclose. ” As in the case of the climate crisis, also in the field of global inequalities the diagnosis is conclusive. The structural disease is clearly identified. A part of international civil Tonga Email List society, like the authors of the report, choose to propose viable solutions.

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The conditions necessary for effective Tonga Email List therapy are practically at hand. Only the political will is lacking to reverse the world we do not want. The current situation in Chile is becoming more and more strikingly similar to that of the early 1990s in Venezuela. At that Tonga Email List moment, Venezuela – as in Chile today – was experiencing 30 years of post-dictatorship. The two countries – at the time – were presented as a “model of democracy to follow” and “an example to the world” based on the “success” of the bipartisan representative democracy system in which the economy Tonga Email List was put at the service of a minority sector of the population.


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“It is not thirty pesos, it is thirty years” could have Tonga Email List exclaimed the tens of thousands of protesters who staged the “curacao” of February 27 and 28, 1989, a popular protest movement that was expressed en masse to reject the court measures neoliberal implemented by Tonga Email List President Carlos Andrés Pérez. In the fifth largest oil producer and exporter in the world, there was 51% poverty. The fate of Pérez (stubbornly corrupt, as demonstrated a few years later) and of false democracy, were sealed forever. Thousands of dead and missing – until today – were the government’s response to the vibrant popular action. But both situations also have differences, one of them Tonga Email List very relevant.

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