Chinese air and naval forces, as well as its Guyana Email List missile-launching facilities on the mainland. The result could be instant escalation, including relentless air and missile attacks, possibly even the use of the most advanced hypersonic missiles then in the U.S. and Chinese arsenals. The result would undoubtedly be tens of thousands of combat casualties on both sides, as well as the loss of major Guyana Email List assets like aircraft carriers and port facilities. Such a set of calamities might, of course, prompt one side or the other to cut its losses and pull back, if not surrender. The likelier possibility, however, would be a greater escalation in violence, including strikes ever farther afield with ever Guyana Email List more powerful weaponry.

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Heavily populated cities could come Guyana Email List under attack in China, Taiwan, Japan, or possibly elsewhere, producing hundreds of thousands of casualties. Unless one side or the other surrendered — and which of these two proud nations is likely to do that? — such a conflict would continue to expand with each side calling for support from its allies. China would undoubtedly turn to Russia and Guyana Email List Iran, the U.S. to Australia, India, and Japan. (Perhaps anticipating just such a future, the Biden administration only recently forged a new military alliance with Australia and the United Kingdom called AUKUS, while beefing up its “Quad” security arrangement with Australia, India, and Japan.) In this way, however Guyana Email List haltingly, a new “world war” could emerge and, worse yet, could easily escalate.


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Both the U.S. and China are already Guyana Email List working hard to deploy hypersonic missiles and more conventional weaponry meant to target the other side’s vital defense nodes, including early-warning radars, missile batteries, and command-and-control centers, only increasing the risk that either side could misconstrue such a “conventional” attack as the prelude to a nuclear strike and, out of Guyana Email List desperation, decide to strike first. Then we’re really talking about World War III. Today, this must seem highly speculative to most of us, but to war planners in the Guyana Email List Department of Defense and the Chinese Ministry of Defense, there’s nothing speculative about it.

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