Meanwhile, everything was focused Sweden Email List on the development of vaccines against the coronavirus. In March 2021, three vaccines were already in the testing phase . Cuba currently has five vaccines of its own, one of them for children as young as two years old. The differences in COVID policies between Cuba and Belgium are also reflected in the figures. In Cuba there were 146 deaths from COVID-19 at the end of 2020. In Belgium, with the same Sweden Email List number of inhabitants, the figure was almost 20,000 . That was before the Delta variant. Cuba did not arrive on time. The own vaccines were only finished three months after the Delta variant began to proliferate. Rapid vaccination in Belgium, starting in late 2020, has made it possible to significantly reduce the number of deaths caused Sweden Email List by the Delta variant, at least in the initial phases.

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In Cuba the Delta variant actually Sweden Email List arrived too early; there were no vaccines at that time. The peak of infection occurred in July. This caused many deaths and shook the healthcare system. This precarious health situation was added to the serious economic Sweden Email List problems derived from the economic blockade of the United States, the loss of tourism and the increase in the price of food. As a result, there was a lot of discontent among the people. Through social networks , the United States has tried to stir up this discontent and channel it into protests. The Sweden Email List attempt ended in failure. Once the vaccination campaign in Cuba began, the results were spectacular.


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On September 20, at the start of the campaign, there Sweden Email List were still more than 40,000 new infections and 69 deaths daily . Today there are 120 new infections and one death a day. In Cuba, children are also vaccinated from two years of age. On December 2 the 90% of Cubans Sweden Email List had received their first dose. It is the second highest percentage in the world, after the United Arab Emirates, and the highest in Latin America. In Belgium we are at 75%. 2. Mistrust of Big Pharma Many unvaccinated people in Europe find it suspicious that the government provides vaccines for free. You have to pay more and more for other drugs. Healthcare costs patients more every year and Sweden Email List now, suddenly, we all “have” to get vaccinated for free. Is there nothing behind?

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