Exports of digitally processed services Saudi Arabia Email Database reached $ 2.9 trillion in 2019, representing 50 percent of all global services exports. The coronavirus pandemic not only highlighted the central place that digital services have come to occupy in the global economy; has Saudi Arabia Email Database also accelerated this digital restructuring, which is expected to result in a vast expansion of digital services produced with less workloads and even without work, including all kinds of telework arrangements, drone delivery, cashless commerce, “fintec ”(Digitized finance), tracking and Saudi Arabia Email Database other forms of surveillance, automated medical and legal services, and remote teaching with prerecorded classes.

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The post-pandemic global economy will now Saudi Arabia Email Database encompass a much faster and more expansive application of digitization to every aspect of global society. The giant tech companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Tencent, Alibaba, Facebook, and Saudi Arabia Email Database Google, to which we now have to add Zoom and other pandemic-driven companies, have seen extraordinary growth over the past decade. Apple and Microsoft posted a market capitalization of $ 1.4 trillion in 2020, followed by Amazon, with a capitalization of $ 1.04 trillion, Alphabet (parent company of Google, with $ 1.3 trillion, Samsung with $ 983 billion, Facebook with $ 604 billion, and Alibaba and Saudi Arabia Email Database Tencent with about $ 500 billion each.


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To give an idea of ​​how fast these Saudi Arabia Email Database giants are growing, Google’s market capitalization went from less than $ 200 billion in 2008 to more than $ 1 trillion in 2020, an increase of 500 percent. As capitalists invest these trillions, global banking and investment Saudi Arabia Email Database houses become intertwined with technology capital, as do companies around the world transition to cloud computing and artificial intelligence. By the second decade of the current century, the global economy came to be characterized above all by the twin processes of Saudi Arabia Email Database digitization and financialization. The third actor in this triangulated block of capital is the military-industrial-security complex.

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