The Haitian people said no to slavery Kyrgyzstan Email Lists when the economies of the United States and Europe were based on the free labor of the enslaved peoples of the Caribbean. This act of freedom of the Haitian people was unforgivable, and for that reason Haiti had to be punished, stifled its experiment in democracy. If successful, the Haitian maroon would give ideas to other oppressed peoples, so Kyrgyzstan Email Lists that example had to be extinguished. Cuba, like Haiti, freed itself from the tentacles of imperialism and its mafias. The revolutionary government was – and continues to be – committed to building a sovereign project. He created a system of government that put the interests of his people before profit, guaranteed that nutrition, literacy, health and the culture of the people were above all else, and built a model of Kyrgyzstan Email Lists socialism in a very poor country.

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The example of the Cuban Revolution Kyrgyzstan Email Lists also had to be stifled by the imperialists, who could not tolerate its success, nor the iron determination of the common people to build an extraordinary world. In Haiti’s Declaration of Independence of 1804, the brave Kyrgyzstan Email Lists revolutionaries wrote: “We have dared to be free. Let us be like that for ourselves and for ourselves ”. “Haitians are free, but not the French,” they wrote. The French “have conquered but are no longer free,” because they – like America’s ruling elites – are trapped in the fantasies of imperialism and its Kyrgyzstan Email Lists hunger for capital accumulation.


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There is no freedom in that dream, no Kyrgyzstan Email Lists democracy. More than a year after the recovery of democracy in Bolivia in the hands of President Luis Arce and his Vice President David Choquehuanca of the Movement for Socialism MAS party, the country has Kyrgyzstan Email Lists managed to overcome the economic crisis. The growth of the economy reached more than 9% in the last twelve months, the reduction in unemployment went from 10.5% in 2020 to 6.5% in 2021, the trade balance had a surplus of 340 million dollars, inflation is controlled at 3.1 %, the exchange rate remains stable at 6.96 and mining, manufacturing, construction, services and commercial activities had a very Kyrgyzstan Email Lists important rebound;

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