Juan Manuel Santos (De la Calle, Cristo) with the Aruba Email Lists help of Ingrid Betancourt invent the candidacy of Alejandro Gaviria , and they attract to this “new political center” the Galan brothers and other characters, who have tried to maintain an image of being unpolluted and not corrupt, but who have always been errand and courtiers of the Colombian oligarchy. In these circumstances, the Aruba Email Lists small group called “Dignity” to which the Moir was reduced and a few other allies that they had within the PDA, have had to accommodate themselves in said “coalition”, placing their accumulated hatred and resentment before their political action. Petrol, renouncing his past of independence Aruba Email Lists and “worker” representation, turning the slogan of “defense of national production” into “alliance with the financial oligarchy.”

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This “gang” has shown in all its actions Aruba Email Lists and pronouncements that its central objective is “to defeat Petro.” Faced with the real and effective change proposed by the Historical Pact based on the “democratization of the land, credit, knowledge and wealth”, the “industrialization of the productive apparatus” and “the change of the energy matrix to stop depending on the fossil fuels “, the Centro Esperanza Aruba Email Lists coalition dares to suggest that the” changes have to be moderate “, that” we cannot leap into the void “, and that Petrol is a populist and demagogue. While the ruling classes encourage and support the “Centro Esperanza” through the media, in parallel, they build the true alternative Aruba Email Lists that can defeat Petrol.


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For now they call it “Team for Aruba Email Lists Colombia” or “Coalition of Experience”, made up of the former mayor of Bogotá Enrique Penalize, the former mayor of Medellin Federico Gutiérrez, the former mayor of Barranquilla Alex Char, the former governor of Valle del Cauca Delian Francisca Toro, former Finance Minister Juan Carlos Echeveria and former Senator David Bargiel. This “gang” not only Aruba Email Lists attacks Petro in the same way, calling him a subversive, Castro-Chavist, ex-guerrilla, demagogue and populist, but also tries to discredit his time as Mayor of Bogotá. The essence of this “grouping” of local or regional ex-presidents is totally clientelist and corrupt. They built their political profile from the hand of big capital, they are neoliberals to die, they are not interested in the least in people and their strength is based on the Aruba Email Lists support of the big “cacaos” and the buying of votes.

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