The Summit placed great emphasis on Libya Email Lists strengthening Celac, welcomed the work of the Mexican government in the pro tempore presidency and reiterated its support. Regarding the increase in the minimum wage to one million pesos with a transportation subsidy Libya Email Lists close to 200 thousand pesos for the year 2022, sectors close to the government have poured out praise to highlight the social management of the administration of President Iván Duque . The magazine Seaman makes a note to show the “social legacy” of the current administration, with no antecedents Libya Email Lists in half a century of state management in Colombia.

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However, in the face of such an Libya Email Lists assertion, it is well worth asking some questions that allow a more solid and objective analysis of said social legacy and the scope of some strategies carried out in the last three years. Is there a government social policy to overcome the Libya Email Lists conditions of misery, poverty and social exclusion that affects more than 25 million Colombians? If it exists, what does this social policy consist of? What is its level of effectiveness? Never like today is a social policy of the State required as a result of the serious circumstances derived from the pandemic with serious impacts on the health of millions of human beings and the tremendous economic recession that Libya Email Lists has occurred simultaneously.


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causing high unemployment Libya Email Lists rates and the hunger of thousands of families. Almost 25 million Colombians are experiencing a true social cataclysm. For some time it has been said that the State has a solid social policy (not only in the fields of education, health and housing), but also for situations of extreme poverty that lead to Libya Email Lists overcoming social exclusion. The latter is in charge of the Department for Social Prosperity of the Presidency of the DPS Republic. Such policies are implemented through “social targeting” to concentrate social spending on individuals Libya Email Lists or nuclei of the population in conditions of extreme poverty, vulnerability or social exclusion.

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