In other words, in 30 years, progress Togo Email List worldwide has been very slow. Redistribute wealth to invest in the future Chancel, Piketty, Suez, Zuman, and the 100 or so experts who have researched over the past four years are not self-censoring when it comes time to suggest some viable proposals. For example, they advocate a tax on the wealth of global billionaires. According to their calculations, a modest progressive tax on that large volume of Togo Email List wealth concentration could generate significant revenues for governments, facilitating substantial and fair investment in education, health and climate protection. In 2021, they point out, there were 62 million in Togo Email List the world with more than 1 million dollars, or its equivalent.

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Their average wealth was $ 2.8 million, for a total of $ 174 trillion. In light of Togo Email List these figures, a progressive tax on such global assets, as these researchers propose, would generate significant income for the state coffers with the consequent impact on their social policies. Addressing the Togo Email List challenges of the 21st century is not feasible without a redistribution of income and wealth in such a way that current inequalities are gradually reduced. The emergence of modern welfare states in the 20th century, associated with significant progress in the areas of health, education, and Togo Email List opportunities for all, was linked to steep and progressive tax rates.


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According to the report, it was Togo Email List precisely this progress that fundamentally contributed to the definitive acceptance of a policy of fiscal expansion, as well as the socialization of wealth. The report emphasizes that a similar evolution will be necessary to address the challenges of the 21st century. The 20th century evolution of international Togo Email List taxation shows that, in fact, it is possible to move towards fairer economic policies both globally and nationally. Inequality is always a political option, and learning from the policies implemented in other countries or at other Togo Email List times is essential to design fairer development paths.

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