The apologists of global capitalism Somalia Email List claim that the digital economy will bring high-skilled, high-paid jobs and resolve problems of social polarization and stagnation. It is true that the first wave of digitalization in the late twentieth century generated high-paid, high-skilled jobs for some, giving rise to new armies of tech and Somalia Email List finance workers, engineers, software programmers, and so on. However, digitalization produced a much more numerous mass of de-skilled, low-wage workers and an expansion of the ranks of surplus labor. But the new wave of digitalization threatens now to make redundant much so-called ‘knowledge work’ and to de-skill and downgrade a Somalia Email List significant portion of those knowledge-based jobs that remain.

What’s On Your Shift List

Increasingly, cognitive labor and gig Somalia Email List workers face low wages, dull repetitive tasks, and precariousness. As ‘big data’ captures data on knowledge-based occupations at the workplace and in the market, and then converts it into algorithms, this labor itself is threatened Somalia Email List with replacement. Even before the pandemic hit, automation was spreading from industry and finance to all branches of services, even to fast food and agriculture. It is expected to eventually replace much professional work such as lawyers, financial analysts, doctors, journalists, accountants, insurance Somalia Email List underwriters and librarians.


Condo Listings In the 21st Century

AI-driven technologies are at Somalia Email List this time becoming more widely adopted worldwide as a result of the conditions brought about by the contagion. The pandemic allows the TCC to massively push forward capitalist restructuring that it could not previously accomplish because of resistance to the digital takeover. There appears to be a Somalia Email List new bifurcation of work spurred on by the pandemic, between those who will shift to remote work and from their homes face new forms of control and surveillance, and those locked into high-risk ‘essential’ in-person Somalia Email List work, such as health care providers, cleaners, transport and delivery workers.

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