But, in that case, the Biden Kenya Phone Number List government, where the Globalists (Blackrock-Soros-Yellen-etc.) Dominate , apparently would not count on the army of the Republican States (the majority in numbers) to be able to face the rebellion. States and Cities with a majority Republican population continue to fight at all levels against the “authoritarian” mandates of globalist interests in the Biden government. These would be the modes and characteristics Kenya Phone Number List that the power struggle between the Globalist-vs-Continentalist interests and financial oligarchies in the United States is assuming. Giving shape, form and content to the larvae civil war that has been developing since the Clinton-Globalist Government repealed the Glass Steagall Act in 1999, releasing all the power of the large Financial Investment Banks to control and subordinate Commercial Banking .

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And from this to the industries. Of course, the Kenya Phone Number List Texas-Florida Continentalists immediately responded with the knocks on the calls:[5] . And, on December 9, 2021, a growing number of Democratic representatives and senators in the House and Senate are joining Republicans to confront rejecting the demands of the globalists in the Biden administration to make vaccines mandatory. . Opponents of this Kenya Phone Number List globalist mandate argue that it is unconstitutional. In this context, the courts that are taking measures to block the mandate of “Biden”, would not meet major opposition in eventual appeals to the Supreme Court. While in Europe, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, also in line with pro-globalist interests, contemplates imposing his round of restrictions.


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Meanwhile, other Kenya Phone Number List European leaders only warn not to overdo it by imposing another round of lockdowns or strict vaccine mandates. WHO regional director Hans Kluge says the effect the mandates have on “public confidence should be considered and calls on European nations to avoid making vaccines mandatory. In the UK, a major television show eliminated a poll via Twitter (globalist) after it showed that 89% oppose mandatory Kenya Phone Number List vaccines, in a sample of 42 thousand respondents. The credibility of politicians linked to the globalist forces that persevere to impose the Economic Reset through vertical mandates,.

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