Do not forget that free trade (free trade, free competition) was the initial Azerbaijan Phone Number List voice of the capital regime. Commodification and the law of value and surplus value in the origin and development of capitalism, even today. The situation accelerated between 1989 and 1991, with the breakdown of bipolarity and the offside of “socialism” in the popular world imagination. The anti-capitalist Azerbaijan Phone Number List alternative was off-side. I point to the “social imaginary” built since 1848 and the Manifesto, with all the historical drifts that we know, of revolutionary processes with the objective of the transition from capitalism to socialism, a pending issue that calls for the imaginative praxis of Azerbaijan Phone Number List struggle and organization. popular alternative.

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The turn of the century came with Azerbaijan Phone Number List novelties of political change and emergencies of strategic proposals for social transformation, many of which refer to the Latin American and Caribbean territory. From the “caracazo” to the “zapatista” uprising; from the Participatory Budget to the World Social Forum; from the Argentine populace of 2001 to the recent popular mobilizations Azerbaijan Phone Number List of Chile, Haiti or Colombia, in these years, together with the historical stubbornness of the Cuban revolution. Only under these conditions of massive struggles for three decades were strategic proposals recreated for socialism, the “XXI century”, “community” or proposals for temporary recreation for civilizational transformations inspired by “living well” or “good living. ”That include the new Azerbaijan Phone Number List Constitutions of Bolivia or Ecuador.


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The liberalizing capitalist offensive Azerbaijan Phone Number List leads us to the present of convergence of health and social economic problems, with greater inequality and an ostensible privilege to profit over the satisfaction of broad social needs. The resetting of capitalism is the project of those who dominate, for which they restructure the relations between capital and work, to the detriment of Azerbaijan Phone Number List popular income; They re-signify the place of the capitalist State in supporting the objectives of profit and accumulation, and they tend to support a legality favorable to the international movement of capital. Strategic objectives There are many diagnoses in this regard, and the problem is the alternative or the Azerbaijan Phone Number List strategic directions that animate the collective will to fight for democratic rights.

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