The potential of benefits on digital Thailand Phone Number List development and the digitization of daily life will only be possible to obtain if there are public policies that guide the benefits in an integrated and socially just country model. One of the challenges facing our country is linked to the use of ICT in the framework of the global process of digital transformation. Arming our destiny depends largely Thailand Phone Number List on the Argentine Technological Style. Argentina needs an ICT Ministry, which articulates technological decisions with the majority political model. The current situation shows the debt of ICT policies with the country. Policies that allow having network infrastructure and digital services that provide Thailand Phone Number List development and knowledge as tools for growth and social development.

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Not sufficient but necessary Thailand Phone Number List condition to be able to enter the digital transformation with its own meaning and regional identity. It is not enough with the public-private articulation that the national government has been doing very well. Neither with the Law of Knowledge and the deployment of the Ministry of Production and the Thailand Phone Number List Ministry of Science and Technology in the articulation with various sectors of the Knowledge Economy. We need to present a plan to society, show the Technological Style powered by the national government that guides a Telecommunications policy focused on federal integration and import substitution in cross-sectional software Thailand Phone Number List products in each component of the Knowledge Economy.


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In the collective imagination, technology Thailand Phone Number List was seen as something distant, something that had nothing to do with people’s daily lives. That paradigm began to change. We have begun to actually link resources with results; we have linked science and technology with economic growth, with development and industrialization. YPF Lithium, Invap, Arsat, Sputnik Vida are some examples in our Thailand Phone Number List country. The Technological Style is a model with a comprehensive look at Argentina that those of us who inhabit it need and make it grow. Integration and social development in digital transformation are objectives that are driven by public policies based on national objectives, which allow our country to Thailand Phone Number List enter society and the knowledge economy with social equity and political sovereignty.

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