That it can prioritize products (extend their useful life and their quality) according to the Lebanon Phone Number List needs of the population, stopping consumerism for the exclusive benefit of corporations and as the engine of capitalism, is what clearly leads to the so-called “climate change” and destruction of nature and all animal life. With the existing development of Artificial Intelligence it is possible today not only to meet popular Lebanon Phone Number List needs, not to manipulate them in favor of profits and the exclusive interests of large consortiums, to generate products and services based on the very life of the Peoples, of the Community-World. At first perhaps in China, but with the potential to include the multipolar world as a whole, where no one should be excluded and, particularly, not the people Lebanon Phone Number List of the United States.

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The Eastern Way [6] has always built Lebanon Phone Number List community and community interest over individual interest. The Western Way since the late Neolithic has built society out of individual interest and individuality. In the western way, starting from individuality, there is no Lebanon Phone Number List way to build a society that achieves the Common Good (Dierckxsens 2013). Never from conflicting private interests: between masters and slaves , feudal lords and serfs , or between capitalists and wage laborersthat operate in competition or in conflict of particular interests, there is a way to Lebanon Phone Number List achieve the Common Good and even less in its final crisis.


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The current reality in the West is heading towards a quasi-infinite centralization of wealth, in the hands of economic-financial corporations in conflict with each other , with the Lebanon Phone Number List increasingly consolidated exclusion of large and growing majorities of the population. In Eastern history (as well as in the history of pre-Columbian America, Egypt, etc.), the concept of the community / town is preserved in the face of the development of Western particular or individual interests. It is the story of a directive or meritocratic community that Lebanon Phone Number List directs collective works for society as a whole, that is, in principle for the grassroots / village communities. This historical baggage still manifests itself in China today.

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