Although it has not yet released the results. Of its third quarterly report of 2017. Twitter has had zero growth in recent months. maintaining the same users as in December 2016. that is, 328 million. While its profits are the same as in 2015. Of 574 million dollars per quarter. That is, the social network does not gain users. But it does not lose either. In addition to having a good digital marketing strategy, a brand or entrepreneur can use more tricks to increase their number of followers. The truth is that unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, gaining followers on Twitter is more complicated, because an account must first gain positive opinions and gain trust, however, there are some tricks that can work. Have a goal. If what you are looking for is a job.

Hobbies, What Content They Dislike, Among Other Aspects,

So you must have ideas to share to generate confidence and receive responses. If it’s a job, this strategy could score you points. Set a scene. From a profile photo where you look friendly and approachable, to positive messages, or constructive comments, that do not reflect a troll. Soon, you’ll have 280 characters to Buy Iran Whatsapp Numbers prove it. According to Marketing Inside, the best tweets are those that mix the personal with the professional. Share authentic content. It’s not about sharing or giving RTs for no reason, you must start conversations and create others, but for this, you must know what goals you have.

To Later Share Articles, Ideas and Opinions on Topics of Which

You have a constructive opinion. There are also tools like Feedly and Bufferapp. Which are useful for organizing news feeds. Updates, as well as scheduling them. Find people to follow. By following the steps above and getting. Your feed or general timeline up and running, you should now find profiles to follow. To do this, tools like Manageflitter allow you to search biographies, tweets, influencers and more. Topsy is another app that can work for similar purposes.

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