In other words, as Amnesty International Norfolk Island Email List has pointed out, it reserves the right to break any promise. There are plenty of examples that this is precisely what the US does. As investigative journalist Richard Midhurst revealed last month, David Mendoza Herrarte was Norfolk Island Email List extradited from Spain to the United States with the “promise” that he would serve his sentence in Spain. The Spanish courts considered it a binding condition. “Classified documents reveal the diplomatic assurances given by the US Embassy in Madrid and how the US violated the extradition conditions,” Midhurst wrote, “Mendoza spent six years in the US trying to return to Spain. Court documents show that the Norfolk Island Email List United States denied his transfer request on multiple occasions.

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” The judges of the High Court – who knew the Norfolk Island Email List Mendoza case and Washington’s habitual duplicity – describe the “guarantees” not to attack Julian Assange brutally as a “solemn commitment offered by one government to another.” This article would go on Norfolk Island Email List forever if it enumerated the times the rapacious United States has breached “solemn commitments” to governments, such as treaties that are summarily broken and civil wars that they fuel. It is the way Washington has ruled the world, and Britain before it: it is, as history teaches us, the form of imperial power. It is this lie and institutional duplicity that Julian Assange exposed and in doing so Norfolk Island Email List performed perhaps the greatest public service of any journalist in modern times.


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Julian himself has been a prisoner of lying Norfolk Island Email List governments for more than a decade. Over these long years, I have sat in many courts as the United States has tried to manipulate the law to silence him and WikiLeaks. This got to a truly bizarre point when, in the tiny Ecuadorian embassy, ​​we were forced to converse through a notepad, flattened against a wall, taking care to protect what we had written to each Norfolk Island Email List other from the ubiquitous spy cameras (installed, as we now know from a CIA proxy, the world’s longest-running criminal organization). This brings me to the quote at the head of this article: “We must look back at ourselves, if we have the courage to do so, to see what is in us.” Jean-Paul Norfolk Island Email List Sartre wrote this in his preface to Frantz Fanon’s The Damned of the Earth

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