At that time, the new ideological Netherlands Email List dogma of neoliberalism had not yet been consolidated neither in the dictatorships nor in the Latin American democracies and Brasilia decided not to follow the suggestions of the famous American professor, but rather the opposite path of the national industrialization of the Argentine economist Raúl Prebisch and , in some way also, of Argentine Peronism and of the unwanted leftist Getúlio Vargas in Brazil. At Netherlands Email List that time, Latin American universities were not Marxist (as they were accused by the CIA and the Creole oligarchy) but Keynesian, as much as Franklin Roosevelt himself. Now, despite the sudden “Chilean miracle” sustained with millions of dollars from Washington, fear and inflation reach triple digits and Friedman recommends Netherlands Email List another magic solution: a shock policy , that is, layoffs, fiscal adjustment, cuts in income.

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social services and privatizations Netherlands Email List without looking at what, with the natural exception of the army and the other repressive apparatuses of the damned state. This recipe will be repeated later in several Latin American countries as an experiment and, incidentally, as a Netherlands Email List source of historic profits for large government-friendly companies. Augusto Pinochet, praised for his righteousness, will derive millions of dollars to its secret accounts in foreign banks while the Chilean State companies are auctioned for a price much lower than their market value. Round business, for Netherlands Email List some. Friedman was not the only academic star to manipulate the dictator.


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Friedrich von Hayek also visited Pinochet’s Netherlands Email List Chile several times and even recommended the new Chilean model to Margaret Thatcher. Like Friedman and Harberger, Hayek decided to abandon that of democracy as a principle and made it what for many it always Netherlands Email List was: an excuse and an instrument. “I prefer a liberal dictatorship to a democracy that does not respect liberalism,” he declared on April 12, 1981 to a journalist from El Mercurio, the newspaper of Agustín Edwards, protagonist of the boycott against Allende and preferred by the CIA for decades Netherlands Email Listto plant its editorials. On returning to the United States, Hayek will declare:

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