Which included various members Mauritania Email List appointed by the military government. Instead of Ulysses, the candidate was more moderate, Tancredo Neves, who elected a leader of the dictatorship: José Carney as his vice-president. And as a result of the unexpected death of Tancredo, Carney, who until a few months ago was president of Mauritania Email List Arena, the dictatorial party that had led the fight against direct elections, became the first civilian president since the 1964 coup. A paradoxical path that turned democratization into a new elite pact, which produced a civil government that had inheritances from the dictatorship. That did not impose on the military the defeat they had in Argentina Mauritania Email List with the failed Malvinas adventure.

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In Chile, with the defeat of the referendum Mauritania Email List called by Pinochet to try to run for a new presidential term. In Uruguay, with two defeats in referendums invited by the military government to privatize state companies. Thus, democratization implied an orderly withdrawal Mauritania Email List of the military from the government and the state, which they had assaulted and occupied for 21 years, without a major political defeat. The democratic transition took place under the control of traditional political elites, in a similar way to what Golbery do Couto e Silva, the great ideologue Mauritania Email List of the National Security Doctrine, had preached during the military dictatorship.


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In the new transition to democracy, the left, the Mauritania Email List democratic forces, are much stronger than in the exit of the military dictatorship of the 1980s. Lula is the favorite to be the first civilian president, elected by the Brazilians, in lead the country. The right wing would like this process to be carried out as a new elite pact, in which the form of the political regime changes, but the nature of the state does not Mauritania Email List change, that democracy remains only a liberal democracy, that nothing else be democratized. Not land ownership, not the media, not the judicial system, not society as a whole. The responsibility of the left and of all democratic forces is to make this transition democratize the entire Mauritania Email List Brazilian society and its State, and not just to restore liberal democracy.

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