The sentence amounted to 3,700 million euros to be paid to the Croatia Phone Number List tax administration, as well as another 800,000, payable to the French State in respect of civil damages. The bank appealed that conviction, arguing that it was tainted by “political motives.” This Croatia Phone Number List second week of December, the Court of Appeal based its decision to reduce the fine considering as a reference the amount of taxes evaded and not the total number of UBS assets. The Swiss bank, which is located in the top 30 of the largest banks in the world – and at the head of the so-called * private banks * that are dedicated to the management of fortunes -, thus suffered a new legal slap , although it Croatia Phone Number List removed it cheap in accounting terms.

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The legal process The trial began in October 2018 as the result of a seven-year long Croatia Phone Number List investigation, which gave legitimacy to the testimonies of former French employees of the large Swiss bank who denounced the events. She was formally accused of having Croatia Phone Number List installed a massive tax evasion system. In legal terms, it was labeled “illegal bank capture” and “aggravated laundering of income from tax fraud.” According to the French National Unit for financial crimes, in this way at least 9,760 million euros (almost 11,000 million dollars) were hidden from the French treasury. To hide illicit capital movements between the two countries, the Swiss bank would have Croatia Phone Number List implemented double accounting.


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Various information sources Croatia Phone Number List recall that the day the process began, Bradley Birkenfeld, a former US banker once linked to UBS, distributed free copies of his book “Lucifer’s Banker” outside the courtroom. (The Lucifer Banker). Birkenfeld denounced a gigantic Swiss bank fraud between 2002 and 2007 with the aim of helping some 20,000 clients hide billions of dollars from the US Croatia Phone Number List treasury. Illegal practice that fined the bank 780 million dollars. For similar acts, UBS had been sentenced in Germany, in 2014, to pay a fine of 300 million euros. Years later, according to the French Press Agency (AFP), the German authorities handed over to their French peers Croatia Phone Number List documents proving that some 38,000 French clients had deposited funds in the same bank.

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