At the end, let’s see the Namibia Email List contributions of the writers Camila Vollenweider and Gabriela Montaña, who see the following distinctive elements in the March for the Homeland: The March showed popular firmness in the face of the coup: the powerful “one millionth” march that concluded in La Paz, collectively shouted that the Namibia Email List coup will not happen; that the democracy that was recovered at the polls is respected. Another concordant demand towards the political leaders was that of justice and reparation to the victims of the coup d’état. The march showed unity. Headed from the beginning by Evo Morales, but closely supported by Arce and David Namibia Email List Choquehuanca, It also showed that the normal differences within a government administration do not count when the threats of destabilization and coup become real.

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The March evidenced that there was Namibia Email List national plurality, since the social component of the march said a lot. It was not only the MAS, it was not only government officials sent to “make a big deal”, as the opposition wanted to install: women, men, young people and older adults, peasants, indigenous people, merchants, producers; many organized, others not, but all were there, knowing that they were Namibia Email List making history again. The March showed that there are leaders in the Bolivian Revolution and that a good part of the 55% who supported the MAS in 2019 actively support Arce and Evo. Each one of them today has a very different role than the one they played a few years ago, and this march has Namibia Email List shown that each one occupies a different but complementary political role.


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Santiago de Chile, March 21, 1975. The Namibia Email List University of Chicago professor and Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Milton Friedman, visits General Augusto Pinochet in Santiago. He is accompanied by his colleague Arnold Herzberger, propagator of the idea of ​​objective Namibia Email List analysis of the economy and the “use of analytical tools applied to the real world”, illustrated with his famous and abstract Herzberger Triangle. In the old days, as was the dogma of the time, Herzberger had associated capitalism with democracy, but now, due to bad experiences with the real world, it is clear that only one of them really matters. Chile is an experiment that, regardless of the result, will be sold even in its Namibia Email List countries of origin, the United States and Great Britain.

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