In this sense – clarified Ríos – we China Email List differentiate ourselves from the other candidates and political parties because they are openly neoliberal and represent the interests of the Honduran oligarchy, transnational capital and the old bipartisanship. That is what it is all about: defeating the traditional bipartisanship and neoliberalism”. How is China Email List Honduras now? The Central American country arrives at these elections in difficult conditions, to put it euphemistically. Honduras currently ranks among the most unequal countries in Latin America, with 62 percent China Email List of the population mired in poverty and almost 40 percent in extreme poverty (EPHPM 2020).

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According to a recent report by the China Email List National Institute of Statistics (INE 2021), removed from the institution’s website twelve hours after its publication, in July 2021 poverty had reached 73.6 percent of the population. That increase is also the result of disappointing government management in the face of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the two hurricanes that struck the country last year. According to China Email List figures from the Technical Unit for Food and Nutritional Security (Ulsan), 1.3 million Hondurans face food insecurity and almost 350 thousand people are in a “critical situation”. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate has reached 10% of the economically active population (EAP), perhaps the China Email List highest in the Latin American region.


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There are at least 4 million China Email List Hondurans with employment problems and more than 700 thousand unemployed workers. Faced with this scenario, thousands of families have taken irregular migration as their only option, the vast majority of whom are being held up at the borders. It is a portrait of one of the deepest tragedies of the last 40 years. “In the last ten years Honduras has had a frank deterioration, not only in the rule of law in China Email List general, in democratic institutionalist, in the population’s access to basic services and in the fight against poverty, but also socio-economically. When one looks at all these indicators, one realizes that rather than a failed China Email List state, we should speak of a dead state,” said Ismael Zepeda, economist at the Social

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