For those who now find themselves Chad Email List adrift on an imposed frontier, neither geopolitics nor geostrategy, nor the exchanges between presidents and international authorities who want the system to continue functioning despite injustices, will save their lives. On November 28, more than 5 Chad Email List million Hondurans will be asked to elect the President of the Republic, 128 deputies to the National Congress, 20 to the Central American Parliament, 298 mayors and more than 2 thousand municipal councilors. As the election date approaches, the political atmosphere has become polarized, conflict has intensified and social tension grown. No one has forgotten the Chad Email List violent repression of 2017 against those who protested against the gross electoral fraud that prolonged the agony of the current government regime.

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At that time, more than thirty Chad Email List people lost their lives violently and these crimes have remained in total impunity. The bloody events of the last few days reawaken the ghosts of that violence and repression. n November 11, a Liberal Party candidate.Two days later, unknown persons made an attempt on the lives of Héctor Estrada, independent candidate for mayor of Campamento (Olancho) and Juan Carlos Carbajal, candidate for mayor of El Progresso for the Salvador Party of Chad Email List Honduras. According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Honduras and the National Violence Observatory (ONV) of the National .Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), more than 30 violent deaths have been registered in the context of the current electoral process, which is shaping Chad Email List up to be even more violent than that of 2017.


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The Observatory reported at least 64 Chad Email List cases of electoral violence up until October 25, including 27 homicides and 11 attacks. To these must be added the most recent attacks that took the lives of five people in five days (as detailed above) and other non-fatal attacks. The OHCHR condemned these acts of electoral violence “that affect the right to political participation” and urged the authorities to carry Chad Email List out “prompt, thorough and impartial investigations”. A legacy of impunity “These murders of local leaders are a prelude to what could happen during and after the elections. Let us remember that all this is happening after the approval in Congress of reforms and laws that deepen the criminalization Chad Email List of social protest and citizen mobilization,”

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