Venezuela, on August 27 and 28, 2021. We Swaziland Email List express our commitment to the defense and promotion of Latin American and Caribbean culture and the identity of the peoples of the region, with particular respect and promotion of autochthonous and indigenous cultures. We reject the criminalization of Swaziland Email List irregular migration, of all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, hate speech and other related forms of discrimination and intolerance against migrants. We commend the coordinated work in order to manage information on migratory movements in the region, to protect the human rights of migrants who wish to Swaziland Email List return, especially in the current context.

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We express our commitment to Swaziland Email List protect the human rights of migrants, promote comprehensive regional efforts to strengthen effective migration governance, under the principles of responsible, safe, orderly and regular migration, working to eradicate the causes of irregular migration. We celebrate the promotion of cooperation relations Swaziland Email List between the ALBA-TCP and other integration mechanisms, extra-regional countries and international organizations, under the principles of respect and non-intervention in internal affairs. We Swaziland Email List highlight the work carried out to revitalize the ALBA -TCP and its actions for peace, democracy, stability and the well-being of the peoples of Our America.


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In this regard, we highlight the valuable Swaziland Email List meetings held between the sectors of health, education, agriculture, academia, communication and information, women’s affairs and gender equality, culture and tourism, of each of the member countries. The results Swaziland Email List obtained in these meetings commit us to continue advancing in the strengthening of the Alliance as a political-strategic alternative for Latin American and Caribbean integration, counter-hegemonic and participatory; and in their shared values ​​of solidarity, cooperation and complementarity. These Swaziland Email List words from Sartre should resonate in all our minds following the grotesque decision of the British High Court to extradite Julian Assange to the United States.

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