The leader demanded public Iran Email List policies that regulate the work and care of the most precarious actors from the abuses of other actors in the chain and fought for awareness about the social role of the recuperators. “Without the cartoneros, 6 we would be swimming in a world of garbage,” he said. Social recovery and access Iran Email List Between 2009 and 2012, in times of the WEEE legislative debate, various initiatives arose that address the recovery of computer equipment for social inclusion and shorten the digital divide, while generating opportunities for professional training, job placement and income ”. These initiatives contributed with education, information and Iran Email List communication. Some of these programs:

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The E-Trash Program of the Iran Email List University of La Plata , with the volunteer work of students, carries out the reuse of equipment that is donated. They also carry out training in trades and outreach and awareness work. The Disposal of Disused Technologies Program of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service organizes social recovery initiatives in Iran Email List prisons. They receive computers from public organizations or companies and repair or disassemble and collect metals, plastic, platelets, glass and ferrous scrap to market them. The civil Iran Email List association Nodo TAU was dedicated to the recovery of computers for social organizations and community telecentres.


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In 2019, it completed the start-up of a Iran Email List computer waste management plant in which young people are trained, within the framework of a provincial employment program. Access rates and policies Despite increasing consumption rates, access to equipment remains a pending right for a high percentage of the population. Latin America is defined as the most unequal region on the planet, and Iran Email List this inequity is also evident in access to technology. In 2019, it was recorded that despite 82.9% of the population of Argentina having access to the Internet, only 60.9% of urban households have access to a computer. In other words, there is 40% of the population that does not have a Iran Email List desktop device to access it.

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