Economic rationality in Latvia Phone Number List China is not autonomized from capital-value. The National State in China can reverse the logic and in these days of the so-called “Evergrande Crisis” it is already showing that investments towards the parasitic unproductive area are being stopped, to avoid its disconnection with the real economy. Evergrande, which had more than $ 300 billion in liabilities as of June, becomes the biggest “victim” of Latvia Phone Number List President Xi Jinping’s efforts to crack down on the free real estate sector and curb property speculation. As Bloomberg notes, “Beijing’s reluctance to bail out the developer sends a clear signal that the Communist Party will Latvia Phone Number List not tolerate massive accumulations of debt that threaten financial stability.

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” It is also a sign that billionaires who Latvia Phone Number List made their fortunes with unviable businesses will not be saved or rescued. As such, offshore bondholders are the last in line for payment and will certainly have to accept haircuts, possibly as high as 80%. The biggest loser in dollar terms is Evergrande founder Hui, China is doing its best to limit the consequences on the broader real estate market and to Latvia Phone Number List reduce contagion beyond the sector, in a country where real estate accounts for roughly a quarter of economic output and up to 75% of China’s wealth. households. The company reported on December 5 that representatives of the Guangdong government have taken the majority of seats on a Latvia Phone Number List new risk management committee.


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We are, in other words, on the way to the de Latvia Phone Number List facto nationalization of private companies in trouble, but without saving shareholders and even less foreign capital. Instead of investing money in the unproductive circuit, the other option that China has, when conducting the companies de facto, is to change the economic rationale, that is, to promote another mode of production that does have answers to re-link Latvia Phone Number List with the productive without destroy nature, without negatively affecting the environment. That, instead of shortening the half-life of the final and intermediate products, you can decide to extend their half-life.

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