Chrome, the browser developed by Google, is the most used in the world. And when you make changes to your operation, the impact on digital marketing is always important. Here’s what you need to know about next year’s version. The Chrome browser will have important changes. For the web advertising sector. For example, Chrome version 64 will limit autoplay of videos with sound. Only those that are silent or in cases in which the user has previously indicated interest in those videos may have autoplay. According to the Chromium blog. Developers say that this will allow videos to be viewed. When users so choose and with this the behavior. The content will be more predictable.

Another Important Change That Will Be Available to All Chrome

Users from January is that the browser will have its own ad blocker and you will not have to Buy Indonesia Whatsapp Numbers download an extension. This means that users will see fewer ads. In addition, intrusive ads will be prohibited on mobile. Any banner or popup that requires the user to remove it in order to continue viewing content will be disabled. These changes are a major shakeup in the display advertising industry. Some will even have to change direction to adapt to the new Google rules.One case is the company Parsec, which, according to Business.

Insider, Is Dedicated to Creating Ads That Force Interaction,

That is, the user has to remove them. The company’s CEO, Marc Guldimann, says that Google is “a benevolent dictator. He owns the browser. We play in your world. They make the rules.”  its part, Google points out that the changes are in accordance with the Coalition for Better Ads, an organization that promotes new advertising standards that improve the consumer experience.

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