Territorial dispossession and violence Cyprus Email List experienced by the Honduran people, forced to confront perverse plans that operate from the shadows. Luís Méndez, member of the collective ‘La Cordia’ that made the documentary, explained that the objective of the work is precisely to show citizens how corruption networks are formed and how they are articulated to involve politicians, public officials, national and Cyprus Email List transnational economic groups in a way cutting across all society. The documentary addresses four crucial areas: the looting of Social Security and the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the dispossession of territories and pubic wealth, the co-optation of the Cyprus Email List justice system and its collusion with corruption, organized crime and the criminalization of protest.

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The fourth area has to do with the Cyprus Email List concept of democracy in a context as broken as the Honduran one. Through key characters and experts, and with the participation of the current head of the Specialized Prosecutor Unit against Corruption Networks (Uferco), Luis Javier Santos, to tie up loose ends, the film rocks the country’s foundations, shaking up the conscience of the people, showing how Cyprus Email List Honduras is controlled by a criminal network that has ruled since the 2009 coup, and has become entrenched in the state apparatus. “The documentary provokes disappointment, anger and rage, but also leaves the feeling that we are not defeated, that it is possible to fight, as many organizations Cyprus Email List and people do from the territories and cities.


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In the midst of so much State Cyprus Email List violence, in the midst of a State held hostage – continued Méndez – there is resistance and struggle. As Berta Caceres said, our peoples know how to do justice and they do it following their own trajectory, from their resistance, from their struggle for emancipation”. Enough is enough! A few days before the elections, the Cyprus Email List Convergence against Continuity, a platform made up of several organizations and personalities, made a public statement and recalled that these elections “are being held in a context of narco-dictatorship, whose creators came to control the State by violent and unconstitutional means and are not willing to hand Cyprus Email List over power by democratic political means”.


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