According to the latest Turkey Phone Number List edition of the CABASE Internet Index report, the City of Buenos Aires is the town with the highest penetration of fixed internet accesses, with 108 accesses for every 100 households, while the province of Formosa barely reaches 32 accesses, leaving in evidence a great regional disparity in terms Turkey Phone Number List of penetration in the country. The interannual variation represents a slow penetration in households with fixed internet access (see National accesses through fixed internet by broadband and narrow band). When analyzing this evolution over time, it can be seen that the level of growth during the last 4 years was an average of 5% per year, a slow pace to achieve the Turkey Phone Number List universalization of the service.

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If this trend continues, it would take Turkey Phone Number List more than 10 years for its realization. Fixed internet penetration per 100 households 2021 NOA 54% CENTER 68% COASTAL 40% (without Santa Fe and Entre Ríos) CUYO 55% (San Luis 83%, Mendoza 41% and San Juan 39%) SOUTH 60% Above 70% Córdoba, La Pampa, Santa Fe, San Luis, La Turkey Phone Number List Rioja and Chubut). Buenos Aires 70% Source: Open data ENACOM [i] The City of Buenos Aires has more connections than homes (108%) and penetration nationwide reaches 68%, there are still nine provinces below 50% penetration. Source: CABASE Internet Index 2020 [ii] National accesses by fixed internet by Turkey Phone Number List broadband and narrow band (Dial up) 2021 Source.


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ENACOM open data [iii] Average Turkey Phone Number List download speed of fixed internet by province 2021 The quality of the internet service and the speed measured in Megabit per second (Mbps) accompany the inequity of access at the national level, clearly prioritizing large urban centers. Source: ENACOM open data [iv] Good intentions and initiatives such as decree 690/20 of the government of President Turkey Phone Number List Alberto Fernández, leave access to Telecommunications services pending. 32% of households in Argentina do not have fixed internet connectivity. The national network infrastructure is a collage of technologies and management criteria and services that continue the market model developed Turkey Phone Number List since 1990. It is necessary to change it.

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