If something is meaningful, you record it. You should preferably make it your own text, so not a short summary of a book, but a commentary. So don’t put all kinds of unread PDFs or clipped blogs Philippines Phone Number in your note. Because Philippines Phone Number then they won’t be your notes anymore. In the words of Nick Milo Stop taking notes and start making notes. You can build such a system with beautiful index cards such as the. Use Notes but it can also be done digitally. In fact, some digital tools (such as Obsidian ) seem to be made to take and link notes in this way. Save notes.

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Save online notes in a folder system If you have a folder for a theme for. Example presentation technique you will create subfolders and sub-subfolders . This means that a unit of information, for example the Philippines Phone Number classic presentation structure of the hero’s journey , is hidden in a sub-submap that you will only find if you follow that one path. If you had built a Settlement System, there were several roads leading to that one note. Chances are that many other notes have something to do with this one.

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Suppose you have a network conversation with someone (Kim de Vries). You discuss a possible collaboration, you talk about a common knowledge (Fred de Jong) and the person you talk to also has an interesting book tip for you. If you make a note of this conversation and save it in the classic way, this note will come as a file (20220401 Kim de Vries) in a folder (Conversations). Also read: Discover the secrets of your iPhone [16 useful tricks] Suppose you now meet Fred de Jong or want to buy some reading material for your holiday

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