Meanwhile, imperialism, He continued Japan Phone Number List with his plan and it was enough for the presidential elections to be brought forward in 1990 for them to attack with a new attack on the currency that translated into hyperinflation during that year and the defeat of the Sandinista Japan Phone Number List revolution at the polls with the victory of Violeta Chamorro. , candidate of the right. Then, magically, once Chamorro was in power, the daily and manipulated publication of the supposed exchange rate of the Cordoba against the dollar disappeared. One possible scenario is that in 2022 the Japan Phone Number List intensity of the attack on the bolivar will decrease.

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The purchasing power of the working class is Japan Phone Number List already at a minimum and the economy is de facto dollarized (main objectives of the imperial war) therefore, and in this scenario, the recovery of oil exports could be reflected in increases in national Japan Phone Number List production , but with serious and great inequalities if the monthly minimum wage is not adjusted and with it pensions and retirements, as well as public spending. Another possible scenario is the activation of the recall referendum by the opposition right and therefore political polarization. In that case, they will not hesitate to intensify the attack on the bolivar again, as well as other weapons of the Japan Phone Number List unconventional war,


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so that any increase in oil Japan Phone Number List exports will be canceled out by inflation and by the further deterioration of aggregate demand. In any of the scenarios, of greater or lesser political polarization, or with more or less concessions that the government gives to large capitals in the framework of the dialogue, they will not stop the attack on the Japan Phone Number List currency, unless said concessions are very but very big. To think otherwise would be naive, which is why it is urgent to neutralize the effects of the political manipulation of the value of the Japan Phone Number List bolivar to the point of making said weapon ineffective, it is there that the proposal of indexing the economy is justified.

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