On the contrary, the Caldera administration Turkey Email List was one of profound neoliberal continuity. I did not vote for Caldera, I did not accept the “lesser evil” and preferred to wait for a better situation at a time when Commander Chávez and his companions were still in prison. Chávez Turkey Email List was released from jail in 1994 and set out on the roads of Venezuela to expose his project for the country. The “curacao” of 1989 that had been prolonged in 1992, had given birth to a new leader. In the 1998 electoral campaign, Chávez called on Venezuelan men and women to participate in order to build a different country based on the approval of a new Constitution that had to be drawn up by genuine representatives of Turkey Email List the people and endorsed by them in a constituent referendum.

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The people believed in Chávez and elected Turkey Email List him president with 56.5% of the votes. It had recovered its courage, Chávez rescued it and gave it all the significance it should have in a true democracy. For this reason, in Venezuela democracy, in addition to being Turkey Email List representative, is participatory and enjoys the prominence of the people by mandate of the Constitution that was to be approved on December 15, 1999. Of course, the process is imperfect, it has many problems because it is a model under construction under incessant siege, But in 1998 it was Turkey Email List worth not having surrendered to the “lesser evil” of 1994.


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That same deception has cost Chile 32 Turkey Email List years of dictatorial continuity to which another four could be added, if the Constitutional Convention does not put a stop to it. at least in part. The “lesser evil” is the one that brought Biden to the presidency of the United States and we have all seen the results. I have no doubt that Democrats hold a different expectation for the American people than Turkey Email List Republicans. In the same way, I do not question that for the Chilean people, Boric offers a different option to Kast. But in terms of foreign policy, the two promise the same thing: to continue keeping Chile as a privileged ally of the United States, particularly in its attempts to overthrow the governments of Turkey Email List Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

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