Do you also sell through other channels such as your own store and do you have a good overview of your stock? therefore choose to make this stock Namibia Phone Number List available for click & collect. It is important that the store stock is actually correct! There is nothing more annoying than receiving a message after ordering that the product is not in stock.

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A good stock notification on your webshop is therefore crucial. Make sure that at least one correct message can be found. 2. Stock notification in Google search results If we go a step back in the funnel, we often end up at Google. There you can also show your stock in different ways. Show as rich snippet In the template for products you will find the heading ‘availability’.

Namibia Phone Number List
Namibia Phone Number List

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This allows you to indicate whether a product is ‘in stock’, ‘out of stock’, or whether it is a ‘pre-order product’. The advantage is that this information is often shown in the search results so that interested parties can immediately see whether.

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