During 2015 chewbacca was considered the favorite. Character of star wars for 3 percent of followers. That percentage has increased over the. Years to the premiere of deadpool 2 the character. Caused a furore by apologizing to former real madrid. Player david beckham for referring to his. “Screeching voice” with a very mexican-style mariachi. Serenade and it seems that the promotional formula. Works because now it is chewbacca. Who joins the trend of highlighting this type of. Element “Singing” (if you can say it that way) with. Mariachi during his visit to mexico city.
In addition to this chewbacca also went to. A barbershop in his attempt to improve his court interacted. With the traditional lucky birds and met. The trajineras of xochimilco even found. “The millennium falcon” in one everything can be seen in. This gallery with images shared by disney. Are you looking for a job too?

This Friday Solo: a Star Wars Story Opens in Mexican Theaters

And the promotion could not be more intense on the part of Disney, placing Han Solo’s faithful friend as an ambassador of the brand. And how could it not be so if the character. Has an impressive engagement with the Indian Business Fax List followers of the saga. Suffice it to mention that during. 2015 Chewbacca was considered the favorite Star Wars. character by 3 percent of fans. Of the popular saga according to Ipsos.

However He Has Become Increasingly Influential the Character

Indian Business Fax List

Has become especially popular after Candace. Payne better known as Mama Chewbacca. Became an involuntary social media marketing strategist. A few days ago we saw him at the. Celtics and Cavs game to remind consumers that.

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