In its first week on Netflix, the second season. Broke records on social networks. Although its rating or audience number are still unknown. The truth is that since its announcement, the series had a great digital marketing strategy behind it, including video ads with characters from Mexican television. According to Variety, Stranger Things 2 broke a record on the social network, Twitter, as users generated 3.7 million tweets about the show in just 3 days of its showing on Netflix.


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Products for later sale. The second season provoked hundreds of thousands of tweets, among which its protagonists, such as Eleven, Will and Steve, stood out. Netflix pushed the Cambodia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists second season of its flagship series in every way, when even managers gave results of their third quarterly report wearing the red Stranger Things sweater. Although there are no figures yet on the audience for the second season, the first was watched by more than 14 million adult viewers, between 18 and 49 years old only in its first month during 2016.


However, so far in 2017, Netflix’s most successful production

Has been “13 Reasons Why,” which had been the most tweeted about show until Stranger Things 2. The number of mentions of the second season. Is unknown on Facebook, but on Twitter. The majority of written messages. Are about viewers who saw Things in record time. That is, one episode after another.

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