Addition to webinars, we also opted for Live Q&As via Instagram and worked together with Noscura to shape this project. In this article we share some insights and tips with you to use Instagram Live to get in touch with young people. Why Instagram Live? Despite the popularity of TikTok and Snapchat, Instagram is still a widely used medium among young people.

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By being active on Instagram as an organization, you enter the world of young people. At Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, we already worked with student ambassadors on Instagram Greece WhatsApp Number List for a number of courses, including the Social Work course. During corona, more students spontaneously offered themselves as ambassadors. They also wanted to provide information, preferably via Instagram.

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You can do that via DM, but going live offers many more options. When you go live, you have a larger audience, a lot of attention. And promotion opportunities and you can really set the mood. Moreover, a live session is interactive thanks to the chat function, but if you don’t want to ask questions, you can also just watch. Did you miss the session? Then you can watch it afterwards via IGTV.

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