The classic study of how colonized and seduced and Pitcairn Email Lists coerced peoples and, yes, cowards, carry out the will of the powerful. Who among us is willing to stand up rather than remain mere spectators of an epic parody like the judicial kidnapping of Julian Assange? What is at Pitcairn Email Lists stake is both the life of a brave man and, if we remain silent, the conquest of our intellects and the sense of right and wrong: in fact, our own humanity. The official account says that between Franco’s death in 1975 and the failed Tejero coup (February 23, 1981), Spain would be an idyllic Arcadia (surname Transition), in which the leaders of the opposition to the regime of Franco and the interior reformists agreed on an Pitcairn Email Lists agenda to prepare the Spanish state for its long-awaited entry into.

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Europe as well as to guarantee Pitcairn Email Lists democracy and general progress, all under the supervision of King Juan Carlos I as the defender of the stammering democracy. However, in reality the Spanish State would be a dystopian scenario as a result of the Tijeras of 1981, in which political leaders confined to Congress were “invited” to accept a Pitcairn Email Lists tacit agreement declaring untouchable the status quo associated with the monarchical system (Juancarlismo), the bipartisan political system (implementation of closed lists and the Dhond Law) and to the defense of the “indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation.” The establishment of the Spanish State would be formed by the Pitcairn Email Lists financial-business, political, military, hierarchy elites Catholic.


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university and mass media of the Spanish Pitcairn Email Lists State that would be the natural heirs of the legacy of General Franco and that would have engulfed all spheres of decision (according to the reading of the book “Financial Oligarchy and Political Power in Spain” written by the former -banker Manuel Puerto Ducat) and who watched over to keep the honorability of King Juan Carlos spotless through the “spiral of Pitcairn Email Lists silence” of the establishment mass media. This theory would symbolize “the formula of cognitive overlap that establishes censorship through a deliberate and suffocating accumulation of messages of a single sign”, which would produce a spiral process or positive feedback loop to achieve the flat encephalogram of the critical awareness of today’s society, Likewise, they would be working behind the Pitcairn Email Lists scenes to pressure Pablo.

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