Okay, your trademark is register in the trademark register. You are free to use your brand, and can now take action against competitors who (threaten to) infringe on your brand. Is that the end of the matter? Well, not quite. As the holder of a trademark registration, you have a number of obligations that you must meet to ensure that your trademark registration remains valid.

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An exclusive right to a trademark if that trademark has been register. I previously wrote on Frank watching about what kinds of brands can be protect . A trademark must meet a number of requirements in order to be register. Once register, your trademark is protect and you can invoke it against competitors who infringe your Portugal WhatsApp Number List trademark. But there is also a downside: once a trademark has been register, that trademark can also be remove from the register – under certain conditions, of course.

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This does not happen automatically, but at the initiative of a competitor or other interested party. A trademark registration can therefore be the target of legal attacks. If such an attack succeeds, it could mean that you no longer have exclusive trademark rights, and an important asset for the company is lost. Do you not want to give your competitor a chance in this? Then pay attention to the following points. 1. Don’t let it become a generic name Walkman, sprinkles, orange.

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