Social networks have become essential for the. Communication and interaction of millions of people. And instagram is one of the platforms that has. Exponentially of functions that were first launched in. Other applications we know that the photo. And video sharing app has become one of the most. Like millennials and z, something that has. Consolidated it as an effective tool for a digital marketing strategy. 800 million monthly active users with an average of 206. Minutes per month on the platform according to data. From verto analytics and for a long time. This application has been in charge of looking for various. Ways to improve the user experience and make it more. Profitable for marketing purposes. Currently instagram is testing some functions that. From what we see could be well received by users. Work of brands to some extent.

The Photos and Videos App Will Soon Allow Users to Mute That

Contact or account they follow that they don’t want to appear in their feed, without having to unfollow them. According to reports from CNN and The Verge. This function will be present through. In some accounts in the Malta B2b List coming weeks. Could be useful for “managing complex social dynamics.” The idea is that users can customize their feeds. Instagram is a very playful app. The number of photos graphics and videos. That are shared is enormous and. Many times users spend too much time trying. Not to miss a detail of everything.

In Response the Platform Is Stealing a New Feature That

Malta B2B List

Alerts us if we’ve seen all posts. According to Techcrunch this new function could. Be focused on giving help to the. Work of the algorithm that “does not end. Up convincing” many users. Usage Insights The previous change would come hand in hand with the new Instagram policy that proposes that users enjoy quality time in the application. Surfing” that many investigations suggest wit ah. The aim of promoting a healthier environment.

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