The social network twitter after statements published in an interview given. To the newspaper El mañana where he makes a distinction between. Spain and Catalonia as if they were two different nations. A “Joke” that pays positions to the issue of approving or not the definition. Of Catalonia as a nation in the interview signed by the reporter. Rocío couscous Penn declared “There are many who will say that I did not work in spain. But in Catalonia” this quote is the one that users of the social network have taken as a starting point. For the discussion that has already generated more. Than 2 thousand mentions and 5 million impressions. The interview takes place in the context of the promotion of his film hunting. The murderer which was shot in Catalonia and. In which he shares credits with the Spanish actor javier bard em.

It Is an Action Movie a Novelty in the Career of Sean Penn

Who has spoken out against the genre on several occasions. The actor, winner of two Oscars, tied in his comment on the conflicting issue: “I admit that I spent some great days in Madrid, although I didn’t shoot anything there. If I had another shoot tomorrow, I would go back there with my eyes closed.”The Jordan B2b List conflicts in the Iberian region are historical. The centralists support the idea that Catalonia is part of the country, while the separatists advocate the creation of a new Nation. Now the discussion is taken to Twitter in addition to the actor’s statements.

It Is Not the First Time That Penn Unleashes Controversy on the

Jordan B2b List

Digital plane. During the last Oscars, when presenting the Academy Award to Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu for his multi-award-winning film Birdman, Sean said “who gave this son of a bitch (sic) his residence permit?” statement that aroused conflicting opinions on social networks. However, the Mexican director stated “Sean and I have this kind of brutal friendship”. Photo Credit: Facebook Sean Penn.

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