Its type recognizes the importance of capturing an audience outside. The cinematographic circuit that connects not only with distribution. Companies but also with potential viewers fans and the general public around. The world to do this for a couple of years it has launched a streaming. Transmission of a selection of its activities and exclusive material. Its 68th edition which starts today in the french city will not be. The exception this was announced by the organizers of. The event through a teaser on you tube which within hours of its publication. Already has more than a thousand views. In this way millions of people around the world who have not been able. To afford a trip to the film event of the year can be aware of what. Is happening through TV festival de Cannes 2015. The transmissions of the events will be carried out live and direct. Through the festival’s you tube channel.

Which Has More Than 8 Thousand Subscribers in This Way From

May 13 to 24, from 7 to 10 hours a day. signal with the magic of the festival through events such as press conferences, photo sessions, red carpets, news, interviews and other content. The Festival brings together members of the industry worldwide. From the renowned actors and directors to Indonesia B2b List the most alternative, producers and distributors, as well as the specialized press. Without forgetting the long lines of fans who come to the meeting to be able to be close to their idols for a second. We share the teaser The festival exhibits film. Productions from different parts of the world and awards prizes.

The Highest Award Is the Palmer Door, Followed by the Grand

Indonesia B2b List

Mexico has had a presence at the Cannes festival at different times. Famous are the distinctions with the Palmer door to Emilio El Indio Fernandez in 1946 for the film Mara Candelabra and to the Spaniard Luis Buñuel for the film Dravidian, a Mexico-Spain co-production starring Silvia Final. In 2012, the A Certain Regard award went to the film After Luca by Mexican filmmaker Michael Franco.

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