Social mainly to industries such as internet and technology by 71.8 percent. International currently internet users are interested in following. Brands on social networks mainly industries such as internet and technology. With 71.8 percent, news with 71.1 percent followed by clothing. And footwear with 46.2 percent. And finally tourism with 45.3 percent. According to a study carried out by the research department of merca2.0 during 2014. Related notes: 5 topics brands should carefully treat when news jacking 5 serious mistakes. When executing news jacking brand journalism and news jacking. Their advantages and dis ad vantages the reason for users to establish this relationship. With brands is because they expect to receive. A benefit in return which is why companies fight for digital positioning through. Different strategies among them which consists of making. The most of a piece of news or trend.

In Real Time This Technique Does Not Necessarily Involve a

direct relationship between the brand and the relevant topic of the moment. Applying news jacking properly is not that simple, as it involves a whole strategy behind the Bahrain B2b List brand image; however, a well-developed plan can be very beneficial for brands. These are 3 success stories, developed on various topics:With the proclamation of Pope Francis, Heineken took the opportunity to tropical the phrase.

Bemuses Papa in Addition to Recreating the Rigamarole With

Bahrain B2b List

The beer bottle. habemusheineken During the 2014 World Cup, the player Luis Suarez bit the Italian Chiselling, a situation that gave a lot to talk about and of course it was quite profitable for the brands. lightheartedness With the controversy sparked by the white and gold dress for some, or black and blue for others, the tequila brand decided to tweet: It’s definitely White Y Golden.

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