Twenty-five years ago, in April 1996, in the Barbados Email Lists framework of the second International Conference of La Via Camelina (organized in Tlaxcala, Mexico), the term Food Sovereignty was adopted as part of the battle of ideas in which the reasons for global hunger and the strategies to overcome it were being debated. Months later, Via Camelina introduced the discussion at the Global Food Summit Barbados Email Lists organized by the United Nations in Rome. In the midst of the neoliberal offensive, corporations mounted their strategy of subordinating food to markets, under the excuse that only their technological package was capable of resolving a dilemma that, in reality, seen from another perspective, had as one of its causes the advance of financial capital over local food systems and the dismantling of the regulatory and Barbados Email Lists protectionist instruments of states.

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Food sovereignty is a political Barbados Email Lists proposal to confront hunger and its consequences. It is an ethic of life linked to the right of peoples to healthy, nutritious and culturally adequate food, produced in an ecological and sustainable way. It includes the right of peoples to produce their own food and decide their own agri-food system, prioritizing the participation and needs of the people involved (producers, distributors and consumers) over the interests of businesses Barbados Email Lists and markets. Global discussions on hunger have a long history. The Right to Food was recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. It was later included in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 1976. In 1952, the Brazilian Josué de Castro was elected president of the FAO Barbados Email Lists Council, mainly for his work “Geography of Hunger”,


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where he argues that hunger is a social Barbados Email Lists problem, resulting from the form of social organization of the production and distribution of food. Since its launch, food sovereignty has had far-reaching implications for public policy, which have been taken up by many organizations and institutions, such as the United Nations agencies: the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Fund Barbados Email Lists for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Human Rights Council, etc. Some governments, such as those of Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mali, Bolivia, Nepal, Senegal and others, have included it in their constitutions. The adoption of the Declaration of Peasant Rights by the UN General Assembly in 2018 and the recognition of agroecology by the FAO in 2015 are testimony to the interest Barbados Email Lists conferred to it by multilateral institutions.

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