Forum on Foreign Debt and Croatia Email List Development of Honduras (Fished). Currently Honduras’ public debt exceeds 70% of GDP: the country’s economic growth is concentrated mainly in three sectors: financial, energy and telecommunications. “These are sectors that do not produce development, nor do they generate redistribution, rather they produce more concentration of wealth. In addition, we have an army of more than 250,000 public employees who Croatia Email List absorb almost 50% of the budget, while there is a worrying drop in revenue. The situation is unsustainable and will represent a very heavy burden for whoever wins the elections”, explained Zepeda. For years, the Croatia Email List National Party has maintained a supernumerary staff, mainly composed of party activists.

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In practice, it has plundered the State Croatia Email List so as to employ its political leaders and create client networks so as to stay in power. State reengineering For the Fished economist, an immediate reengineering of the government, a reconversion of the productive system, a fiscal pact to dynamize the economy and efforts towards progressive taxation are necessary. Likewise, it is imperative to guarantee Croatia Email List transparency, accountability and the fight against corruption, while promoting a strategy of internal and external debt reduction. Finally, the generation of decent jobs, the creation of programs that prevent the deepening of poverty, more equitable management and redistributive policies to reduce Croatia Email List social inequality, are also key elements the new government must implement.


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“When a country is mired in a multiple crisis and Croatia Email List has badly deteriorated, it is easy, so to speak, for a candidate to make promises. The most important thing, then, is not so much what is offered, but the way in which things eventually get done”, concluded Zepeda. Labor insecurity The 2009 coup d’état in Honduras not only broke the institutional framework and strengthened the oligarchy and elite Croatia Email List power groups, but also allowed the governments that followed the coup to deepen the neoliberal extractives model, encouraging the plundering of national territory and public wealth and increasingly deregulating the labor market. For Joel Almendros, secretary general of the United Croatia Email List Confederation of Honduran.

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