That promise will explode in your face at some point. Not knowing something is 100% more acceptable than lying about what you’re Austria Phone Number List capable of. How do you test someone for having a critical eye? Have applicants work out a case study, and leave a mistake in it. Do they find the error themselves? Awesome. Can’t they find the error? Then you can ask if they noticed anything crazy in the case.

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Some applicants may have seen it, but the stress makes them less likely to share it right away. Do they have no idea at all? Then you explain the mistake to them and see how they deal with it. Show a chart with misleading data and ask the applicant to interpret it. See if the applicant takes the quirk out. Or does he or she draw that obvious conclusion?

Austria Phone Number List
Austria Phone Number List

Showing a chart that is straightforward should be a red flag in itself. A test can never be that simple, right? misleading graph Can you see what’s wrong with this chart? 2. Being able to think abstractly Critical thinking is important to identify potential problems. Abstract thinking is there to solve those problems.

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