According to the Congo Hold-up investigative network, this amount Colombia Phone Number List was later credited to a company domiciled in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands, owned by Belgian businessman Philippe de Moerloose, a close associate of former President Joseph Kabila. It is public knowledge that Belgian companies won contracts for more than $ 742 million during Kabila’s presidency. At the end of last Colombia Phone Number List November, Public Eye had already pointed out to UBS for having received, also from the DRC, some 12 million dollars, through its subsidiary in Geneva, for the benefit of the Belgian businessman. Philippe de Moerloose denies being on the list of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP),.

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That is, those who due to their political position of Colombia Phone Number List prominence and influence are most susceptible to participating in some form of large-scale corruption. But his close relationship with the Kabila clan should have alerted UBS, especially since the Belgian businessman has no known activities in Switzerland. Under anti-money laundering regulations, doing business with PEPs is not Colombia Phone Number List prohibited, but additional caution is required regarding the source of funds. On the other hand, suspicious financial transactions involving these personalities must be reported to the authorities. If necessary, the funds could be blocked. In the Congolese case, the approximately $ 7 million used to purchase tractors came from Grands Elevages du Congo (GEL), a company that passed into.


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the hands of the Kabila family shortly after the Colombia Phone Number List alleged transfer to the UBS account. When asked by Public Eye in this regard, Philippe de Moerloose replied that GEL was a “historical client of [his] group,” but said he did not know whether the former president’s family now controlled the company or not. On November 24, after the first revelations of Congo Hold-up, the Congolese justice Colombia Phone Number List announced the opening of a judicial process. In the bad, the saving State The recent conviction of the French courts against the Union of Swiss Banks constitutes a further blow to the credibility of these behemoths of international finance. Paradoxically, even if UBS paid the fine of 1.8 billion euros, this amount represents less than 20% of the supposed total profit that the Colombia Phone Number List first Swiss bank .

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