This article is dedicated to those who fight Cambodia Phone Number List for a wounded democracy and to win back the devastated nation . Political forces, enemies of life, have allied themselves with the Coronavirus and are favoring the death of more than 600 thousand lives. Its Cambodia Phone Number List objective is to lead us to pre-modern times, dismantling our culture and our science, suppressing labor rights and social security, spreading lies, cowardly hatred of the poor, the indigenous, the quilombos, the Afro-descendants, the homoaffective and LGBTI people. Ideologically such forces are Cambodia Phone Number List ultra-conservative with distinctly fascist overtones.

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They have risen to the highest power in the Cambodia Phone Number List republic. The main representative of these forces wants, by all means, even in defiance of the law, to be reelected. As a member of parliament he magnified torturers and defended dictatorships. As head of Cambodia Phone Number List state, he was permissive with the great burning of the Amazon rainforest, with the loggers and with the penetration of mining companies and garimpo (informal mining), including indigenous lands. He committed crimes against humanity for his denial in relation to immunizations against Covid-19 and was insensitive and without any empathy in the face of the suffering of the thousands of families in Cambodia Phone Number List mourning and the millions of unemployed and hungry.


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Unfortunately, we have to verify the Cambodia Phone Number List fragility, even the omission, of our official or legal institutions and the low intensity of our democracy, which, when analyzed from the perspective of social justice and human rights, seems like an immense official farce. Little or Cambodia Phone Number List nothing has been done to ward off this sinister, authoritarian and fascist figure. They are not allowed to impassively witness the population, cultural, political and spiritual tear in our country. Faced with this historical tragedy, we need to curb this death instinct, present in the Cambodia Phone Number List executive branch and in its auxiliaries, through electoral channels.

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