Argentina, to the “strike general “in the Morocco Phone Number List United Kingdom in 1926, the banana strikes in Costa Rica, Honduras and Colombia against United Fruit, to name but a few. Some of these actions have been more successful than others, but it is clear that it is neither Morocco Phone Number List employers nor governments that have been happy to open their portfolios to help workers. All existing rights are the result of a struggle, which continues to this day. Moreover, the first solidarity funds set up operate thanks to workers’ contributions. Mutual funds have Morocco Phone Number List been created to help each other in the event of death, illness or unemployment.

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It was mainly this workers’ solidarity that Morocco Phone Number List was a thorn in the side of employers, which is why they preferred to contribute themselves and thus take control of the funds. It is precisely this solidarity, this collective wealth, which has made workers owners and therefore full citizens with rights, according to Robert Castel . This solidarity caused the first serious crack in the capitalist monopoly. After Morocco Phone Number List World War II, this system was extended and made more universal in Western Europe. But this is by no means a purely European phenomenon. In countries like Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, social insurance systems were also developed in the 1920s.


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In Asia, social protection systems Morocco Phone Number List were clearly oriented towards further development. In Africa, on the other hand, it was a matter of national sovereignty, and education was used, for example, to strengthen national cohesion. All over the world, social justice was the order of the day. Political and economic power relations In short, if colonization is at the origin of the wealth and the world domination Morocco Phone Number List of Western Europe, it is far from certain that the social states are a direct consequence. Today’s social policies are above all the result of the labor movement which fought at national and international levels to give a decent life to workers who only have their arm.

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