According to the statistics of the China Phone Number List ecological organization Bosque Verde, during the last three decades there have been at least 25 attacks against defenders of the earth and the environment, resulting in 13 murdered people. The report of the Coordinadora de Lucia Sur Sur (CLSS) indicates that the main actor in attacking and attacking the human rights of indigenous peoples is the public force. “The public force acts in a partial way in favor of non-indigenous China Phone Number List people who illegally usurp our ancestral territories,” the statement said. This situation is not only in violation of ILO Convention 169 and the Indigenous Law, which establish the inalienability of these territories and the absolute right of native peoples over them, but also contributes to the reiteration of violence and the China Phone Number List deepening of violence. impunity.

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Complicit state “The government China Phone Number List of (Carlos) Alvarado continues with the colonial, capitalist and patriarchal heritage of previous governments. Not only did it not advance in the expropriation of the lands usurped by non-indigenous people, but it also recognized that the Plan for the Recovery of Indigenous Territories (RTI) is long China Phone Number List overdue, ”warned the organizations convening the forum. In addition, during 2020 and 2021 there have been four judicial decisions ordering the eviction of indigenous families from the recovered lands. These situations increase the vulnerability of the original Costa Rican peoples and expose their members to uncontrolled China Phone Number List violence by invaders and usurpers.


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Endurance A few months ago, Mariana China Phone Number List Porras, a member of Fecon [2], had expressed her concern. “There is a total lack of recognition of indigenous law. They continue to suffer invasions, attacks, attacks and the judicial system systematically dismisses the complaints. There is strong pressure from businessmen and big capital to continue exploiting the territories with extractive China Phone Number List and agro-industrial activities. It is clear that there is no interest in solving this situation ”. The organizations brought together in the CLSS also denounced the existence of racist organizations that attack indigenous communities, as happened in February and March of last year. “Violence worries China Phone Number List us, but it does not stop us.

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